Uyuni is a little village fully dedicated to turism. I advise to organize your south Lipez tour directly from Uyuni. When you are drived on the Uyuni Salt lake, you have no road to follow, you hold the same speed in the same way, you can see only two colors (white and blue) with plenty of light. You are in strange unreal world.
Sometimes, in spring, the lake has a thin layer of water adding strangeness to the atmosphere.
In the very early morning, go and see the raising of the sun on the train cemetary. The farest you are, the oldest the trains are.

South Lipez

First, choose a serious car rental with severals cars in order to have one car OK when the other one is out of order (a car was hold in a river, so we were lucky to have another one) South Lipez landscapes are really beautiful. The big canyon (close to Villa Alota) is optional but interesting.
I prefered going back to La Paz crossing throw Chile to go faster and to have a stop in Sajama. If you are in San Pedro de Atacama before 6pm, you can have a bus to Calama and then a night bus to Arica or Iqueque. In Iqueque and Arica, you have a morning departure to La Paz throw Sajama. I got off in Sajama.


La Paz
Lipez (1)
Lipez (2)





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