La Paz

La Paz, largest city of Bolivia, is built within two parts. La Paz city and El Alto city. The first one is erected in a 3500 meters valley and the secod one on the Altiplano (4100 meters). Altough La Paz is not the capital of Bolivia, the city looks like a capital. You can find every stuff you want, life is running fast, little skyscrapers share space with traditional houses, people from La Paz show a strange non-mixed melting pot.


Sucre, capital of Bolivia, is a very friendly city. People are less stressed. Life seems to be quiet. The temperatures are fine. Moreover, Sucre shelters the famous Law University and a lot of students.
Don't miss the Casaron de la Capellaria, the museum of the traditional Bolivian tissues.


Potosi and the Cerro Rico. 8 millions of indians died in its mines. Spain, the Vatican and the whole Europe sucked the silver of this mountain. Potosi flagged the starting date of the Capitalism.
Nowadays, Potosi is still divided into the miners city and the owners city. You can see the difference between the houses style.
Potosi is a high altitude and cold city.


La Paz
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