Sajama is the name of a very little village, a national park and the highest mountain of Bolivia. When I was there, a foreigner of Sajama was building the first hotel. You can have a very low priced room with the inhabitants. The villagers share the turism money between themselves. Each turist goes in one's home and it's a different one each time. Going in a inhabitant's home is a good way to help them. Please don't go in the hotel.


The village is used to turism. The restaurant, close to the ruins, which was quite interesting, is now an international gleaming restaurant with truly garcon de cafe. Ask information to the park keeper to know how and from where the stones came. A lot of mysteries are unknown.

Huayna Potosi

6088 meters high moutain, close to La Paz. I climbed it up. Getting at the top is a two days effort. The first one is not too hard : 4700 to 5300 meters where is located the base camp. The night was very short. I got up at 1am, to get at the top at 9 or 10 am. The last 150 meters are a hard wall. I was unlucky with the weather, I saw no more than snow and fog at the top.


La Paz
Lipez (1)
Lipez (2)





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