Himbas  Himbas : North-west located, the Himbas' land offers wide spread dry plains. Numbers of villages agree, often in counterpart of food, to be pictured by hurry turists.

Kamanjab  Kamanjab : The city worth no time. Just around, you can find the Cheetahs Guest Farm. The farmers breed and pet cheetahs as in Europe you can have dogs and cats. They are keeping the farms. With the owner, you can pet them.

Keetmanshop  Keetmanshop : Special seesight : the kokerboom forest. That tree is called quiver tree because of its branchs, once emptied, was used to put arrows in. You can met those trees in another regions in Namibia and South Africa, but nowhere with such a concentration.

Luderitz  Luderitz : After having crossed the sand dunes, you get in Luderitz. The city is not really worthy. Few kilometers away is Kolmanskop, the ghost town abandoned in the 1950's for others richer diamonds mines. The sand of the dunes is getting back its rights, crashing houses. This is a weird feeling that visiting that abandoned houses.


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