The ocean in front of Namibia is gone over by a cold stream, the Benguela stream. The cold stream causes no rain on the land coast for about 100 kilometers wide : it is called the Namib desert.
The rest of the country is about 1000 m high. That implies, in winter season, it can freeze under 0 Celsius degrees .

Cape Cross  Cape Cross : Between the frozen ocean and the desert, thousands seals live there.

Etosha (1) Etosha National Park : There live many animals. During the dry season, they stay around waterholes.
Only a part of the park is open. You can visit it without a guide.

Fish River  Fish River Canyon : Dug by the Orange river, you can go into the canyon with a medical agreement only and it is delivered in windhoek. This is aimed at controlling how many people go in the canyon more than protecting people from themselves.


Cape Cross Etosha (1)
Etosha (2)
Fish River


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