Serengeti : we saw its landscapes many times at TV. Many lions live there. We spent a night in a camp without fence. Don't get out of your tent at night...
Rhinos has disapeared, killed for their horn.

  Ngorongoro : crater, 28 km wide, become a National Park. Animal watching seems to work : 4 Rhinos from South Africa has been brought in the crater.

  Kilimandjaro : the climbing can be done by different ways called by the name of the starting village.
The Marengu trial (6 days), highway for the top, does not allow a good acclimatization to altitude. Using the way, plenty of people go down before the top (60%).
I picked the Machame trial (6 days too) allowing a greater acclimatization (80% of people go to the top).

  Zanzibar : former spices counter, crossroad of civilizations, and heaven island, Zanzibar shows various interests.


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