We stayed few days in Cape Town in July 2002, coming back from Namibia. By the winter season, Cape Town is a very green city with loads of clouds streams in the day long. Temperatures are quite nice.

Boulder Beach

The beach is the place of penguins reproduction. They are vanishing mainly because of pollution. The main part of the beach is prohibited to humans to protect their reproduction.

Cape Town

Cape Town is quite safe. In the opposite of Johannesburg, you can walk along the downtown streets . Clouds often play with the mountains allowing sometimes overlooking the city from the Table Mountain.

Cape of Good Hope

It's not the most southern point of Africa. It's the place where the sea streams change way. From the west side, the Benguela, cold stream, comes from Antartic. From the east side, a hot stream coming from India, warms the coast. The meeting of those streams generates ideal life conditions for marine micro-organisms and marine fauna.


Boulder Beach
Cape Town
Good Hope





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