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Copyright Gael Juillard and Bertrand Locquegnies.


I spent 2 weeks in La Réunion in January 1998.

It was the summer season. In the montains, the clouds come around 9 am. As the sun raises at 6 am, we had 3 shiny hours.

So that, we mostly trekked at very early morning. The afternoon bumped into us on the beach.

Grand Bénard

The Grand Bénard (2900m) can be reached starting from the Belvédère (2500m).

It was the first time I saw one of the three cirques of La Réunion. The sun raised lighting progressively the big hole. The real depth came to me. Amazing !

Then, we walked along the Mafate cirque. From the Grand Bénard, you can see two cirques : Cilaos et Mafate. In front, the Piton des neiges stands.