Manakara :
The small train which goes down is long: 10 to 12h. We made the mistake go up the following day by the same small train. It was too hard. Remind you of keeping one day resting between the outward journey and the return. Pay attention, the train does not work every day.
Manakara is a large village which lives especially by the train. Few cars, dangerous sea, some visits of plantations can be organized. It is rather a stage of rest.

Morombe : coastal road Morondava-Tuléar
Morombe has the only interest to be a rest stage on the road.
On the other hand, the track to get there is worthy. It first goes into in a dry forest, then skirts the coast at the starting of the coral barrier (100 km length). Andavadoak, Salary are marvelous places with white sand dunes, fisherman villages and a blue lagoon.
To fix this travel, best is to gather with several people to rent a 4x4: approximately 1 million ariary per day, and do not forget the 2 days of getting back for the 4x4.
With the passing, the ideal is to go down to andavadoak or better Salary within 3 days, to let going up the 4x4, to enjoy a few days on the spot, and then to take the truck-bus which goes down to Tuléar. It is not necessary to stop in Ifaty (except to see the whales in July-August).

Morondava :
Starting point to visit the Tsinguy de Bemaraha (tour of 3 to 4 days) and the alley of the baobab trees.
Having seen the Tsinguy of Ankarana, we did not go and see those. On the other hand, we liked very much the atmosphere and light of the alley of the boababs and the surrounding rice fields.
If you follow the coastal road towards Tuléar, you will see many others boabab trees and from various species.        

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