The fourteen days hike is quite easy for someone used to walk a day long. The tour start at 3500 m, stay at the same altitude during the first days, and then goes up slowly (400 m max between two nights) up to around 5000 m. The risks being altitude sick are in the landing in Leh (3500 m), and 4 days later, driving to Rangdum (4400m).

The images of the hike are located in Zanskar 1 to 5 section mark, from Padum.

For further information, see the tour detailled map.

Visiting the Gonpas

We visited a lot of buddhist monasteries (Gonpas). Please respect the ways and customs of the country : take off your shoes, take the photograph of only willing people, ... well, it's only a question of good sens.

A lot of ladakhis et Zanskaris asked us to have them photograph taken and then send them the pictures. We did it. Another idea of gift would have been taking snapshot photos with polaroid. In isolated Gonpas, the monks appreciated the pens we brought. We gave them to the adults.

Ladakh (1)
Ladakh (2)
Ladakh (3)
Zanskar (1)
Zanskar (2)
Zanskar (3)
Zanskar (4)
Zanskar (5)





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