We visited (3 weeks) a little piece of India in July 2003 : Delhi, Ladakh, Zanskar, and Agra.

It's a very constrated country. We saw the polluted, grey, hot and wet Delhi, and after a small flight, we landed to Leh, - Zanskar - under the blue, pure and clear, and with alpin fresh air. The dull cities was now wild and bright colours villages.

Travel agency or buy ourselves ?

Facing the hard task finding out an indian internal flight from France, we booked throw a travel agency. It was our first travel with an agency : Nomade.

We really appreciated the in-site and France agency's arrangements (slides, explanations, ...). But, being used to the freedom of travelling by ourselves, we did not fit a lot with the group (8 people). Plus, the group attitude is often less respectful toward the visited country than 2 isolated people.

If you want to go to Ladakh - Zanskar by yourself, you can arrange your trip in-site. Just think to book your flights before.

Ladakh (1)
Ladakh (2)
Ladakh (3)
Zanskar (1)
Zanskar (2)
Zanskar (3)
Zanskar (4)
Zanskar (5)





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